How LumiCard Can Change Future of Mobile Lighting

How LumiCard Can Change Future of Mobile Lighting

Imagine a world where the power of light is at your fingertips, maybe in your wallet. This is now a reality and it’s called the LumiCard mobile lighting; it is a credit card-sized light with the potential to change the mobile lighting game.

In this post, we will learn about the features and advantages of LumiCard, as well as how it is changing the way we use light in our daily lives. 

What is LumiCard and how does it revolutionize lighting?

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LumiCard is a mobile lighting device that aims to change the way we all use mobile lighting. It’s a wireless-powered, credit card-sized light designed to expand the capabilities of your smartphone and ease your daily lighting requirements.

What distinguishes this device is its capacity to deliver 5W of power with outstanding color accuracy, boosting your images and movies with lighting quality with TLCI greater than 95. This means that it may produce illumination that is similar to natural sunshine, making it perfect for photography and filming.

Because it is lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket. It is an ideal light source for all situations, from professional photo shoots to everyday scenarios. It effortlessly attaches to magnetic phone cases, providing a cord-free experience.

What makes it a portable lighting solution?

LumiCard is a perfect example of a portable lighting solution due to its unique features and design. Here are some of it feature : 

  • Size and Design: It is designed to be as small as a credit card, making it extremely portable. It easily fits in your wallet or pocket, making it convenient to bring with you wherever you go.
  • Wireless and Magnetic: It supports wireless technology and easily attaches to magnetic phone cases. This means you don’t have to deal with any cables.
  • Versatile Usage: It is capable of lighting difficult-to-see areas and serves as a bright utility light wherever it is required. Whether you’re hunting for something in the dark or need a light during a power outage.
  • Powerful Illumination: Despite its compact size, it doesn’t compromise on power. It provides 5W of power and a stunning 500 lumens of brightness.

How to use it

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Here is the step by step instruction that will tell you how to use this to its full potential:

  1. Attach to Your Device: The LumiCard attaches easily to your phone or any magnetic surface. If your phone cover isn’t magnetic, use the supplied MagSafe sticker to ensure a secure fit.
  2. Power It Up: When the device receives power, it immediately turns on. This can be accomplished using either a wireless power connection from your Android device or a USB-C cord. As the iPhone 15 does not enable reverse wireless charging, the device needs to be powered using the custom-made USB-C cable.
  3. Light It Up: When turned on, it will produce a bright and high-quality light. It produces 5W of power and has superb color accuracy, enhancing your images and videos quality.
  4. Turn It Off: The device does not have a manual off button. When it is disconnected from the power source, it shuts off.

What technology does it use to provide light?

LumiCard provides light with innovative technology. It harnesses the power of cinema-grade LEDs with a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of 97, assuring professional-grade lighting. These LEDs deliver outstanding color fidelity, boosting your images and movies with natural-looking lighting.

It is powered wirelessly and is MagSafe compatible, which means it can effortlessly attach to and take power from your smartphone. This is especially helpful for Android devices that support power sharing. For devices that do not allow reverse wireless charging, such as the iPhone 15 use a USB-C cable.

How bright is the light from LumiCard? 

The LumiCard emits 500 lumens of light, which is up to 16 times brighter than your phone’s torch. The LumiCard’s brightness, however, cannot be changed. It provides a steady level of brightness to provide better color fidelity and to enhance your images and movies. 

Despite this, its high-quality lighting and superb color accuracy make it perfect for a wide range of lighting requirements.

Where can it be used ?

The LumiCard can be used in a variety of scenarios. Here are a few examples:

  • Camping: Lighting can be difficult to come by when you’re out in the bush. The 500 lumens of brightness can give adequate lighting in your tent or around your campground. Its small size makes it easy to transport, and its wireless power capabilities eliminate the need for extra batteries.
  • Power Outages: Having a reliable light source is critical during a power outage. In such cases, this useful tool is going to come in handy. You can use it as long as you have a power bank or a laptop with a USB-C connection because it can be powered wirelessly or via a USB-C port.
  • Photography: Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, this will improve the color accuracy of your images. Depending on your needs, it can be utilized as a fill light or a key light.
  • Video Calls: If you’re working remotely and have a lot of video calls, it can provide the perfect lighting to make you look your best. Just attach it to your laptop or your phone, and you’re good to go.
  • In-Car Lighting: Looking for something in your car at night can be a struggle. With this lighting, you can easily light up the interior of your car.


Is LumiCard compatible with all smartphones?

Yes, It is compatible with all smartphones. It can be attached to your phone using the included MagSafe sticker. For Android devices that support power share, it can draw power directly from your device. For devices like the iPhone 15 that do not support reverse wireless charging, it can be powered using a USB-C cable.

Can light be used outdoors?

Yes, It is designed to be used in a variety of scenarios, including outdoor activities like camping. Its compact size and powerful illumination make it a versatile tool for any situation.

Is the device water-resistant?

Yes, the device is water-resistant with an IP rating of IP67. This means it can withstand being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Can the light be used while it’s charging?

Yes, It can be used while it’s charging. It automatically powers on when it receives power through a wireless power connection. But if you are planning to use it using USB-C, you might not be able to do it as the port might be occupied by the charging cable.